Wedding elopement for two at French Castle Chateau Bouffemont in a Berta dress

Johanna and Emmanuel's French-Cameroonian wedding was celebrated at the amazing Château Bouffémont, a sumptuous 19th century castle. They had a very glamorous and authentic celebration. One year later they called their wedding photographer - Daria Lorman – and their wedding florist – again to have a small 1 year wedding anniversary celebration at the same castle. Due to the current Covid restrictions, having a micro wedding anniversary celebration for two was the best way to celebrate 1 year of married life.

Johanna knew she wanted to wear a Berta dress on her wedding day since she discovered the brand. She kept it for their religious ceremony in Cameroon first, but was impatient to have her wedding photos done in the castle where they got married in France too. The dress was complemented with a long cape, which was absolutely amazing for the photos.

This time our bride has chosen to have white flowers as it's the colour of cotton and it's the 1st wedding anniversary symbol in France. Kahina Events suggested replacing a classic round bridal bouquet with a fine-art unstructured bouquet this time. Emmanuel also looked very chic in his white costume.

Wearing their wedding dress and costume, coming back to their wedding day castle, having their pictures taken by their favourite photographer, drinking champagne made them live and revive fabulous moments.

Château Bouffémont has that gorgeous and grandiose château look, being not far from Paris, which is very convenient for everyone. It's beautiful both indoors and outdoors and it's always a pleasure to come there, especially to accompany a couple in love. We especially love it's fairytale facade and especially the big stairs outdoors – an ideal backdrop for wedding photos. The Grand Salon is a beautiful pastel coloured room that is great for dinner. Johanna and Emmanuel enjoyed a few glasses of Ruinart champagne in this room remembering the most beautiful dinner they had there a year before.