Christmas Decorations with Château Bouffémont

Despite the Covid-19 this year one of my favourite wedding venues in France - Château Bouffémont - together with one of the best wedding florists in France - Akiko from Floraison - created beautiful Christmas decoration. Madame de la Maison provided the linens and tableware. They filmed the behind the scenes of the creative process for their Youtube channel and Akiko shared her top five Christmas decoration tips that can be easily used by everyone at home.  


I was honoured to have been invited to capture Akiko's beautiful work on the Christmas table, fireplace and, of course, the Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped gifts in emerald Grand Salon. The mood was cozy, elegant and chic. And the color palette included beautiful shades of white, beige, gold, pale blue and green. The fireplace was decorated with greenery, candles and gifts. The dinner table had a long green garland, light blue candles and dried fruits and cones. Hope we can inspire you and share some helpful tips for your holidays decoration this year!


- see the tips in the YouTube video above