You are coming to celebrate a special event in Paris (engagement, elopement, wedding, surprise proposal, honeymoon, etc.)? Looking for a couple or family photographer in Paris to get some great memories of your time in the most romantic city of the world? Daria Lorman is your Photographer in Paris! Please find below the most frequently asked questions about a photoshoot in Paris.


General information


Q: What kind of photo sessions do you cover?
A: I cover all types of photography sessions about love: elopements and weddings, engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries as well as family photoshoots, maternity and surprise proposals. I work in Paris and travel a lot in France, Europe and around the world for destination events.


Q: Do you travel?

A: Of course! I love traveling, and especially for documenting your beautiful stories. If you're longing for adventure, get in touch so we can chat about capturing it!


Q: We are not professional models / camera shy and bad at posing. Can you help?

A: I am extremely good at posing as well as capturing natural moments. I will give you direction so your photos are flattering while also staying true to who you are as a couple.


Q: How far in advance do you book?

A: Usually between 6 - 12 months in advance, but sometimes 2 years in advance. If I'm available, I might take a last-minute booking (a few days before the shooting date). 

No matter where you are in your planning process, feel free to reach out!


Q: When and how will I get my photos?
A: Once the images are edited, I will email you with a link to your online gallery allowing you to download the high-resolution photos. Turnaround time ranges from 2-3 weeks in low season (Nov-March) to 8-16 weeks (for full-day weddings) in high season (April-October), but I try very hard to get everyone’s photos delivered as soon as possible.


If you need a couple of images quickly for a special reason like a holiday card or announcement, let me know before the session and I can send over a few sneak peeks.


Q: How many images will we receive?
A: Usually at least 100 edited images per hour of coverage. I deliver all the good images from the shoot with no limitation of the number of photos.


Q: How do you edit the photos ?
A: Post-production (color correction) will be applied on every photo delivered. This involves contrast enhancing, colours improvement and my personal touch specific to Paris Happy Pictures, straightening and cropping, as well as skin retouching for portrait photos only (pimples only, not wrinkles etc).


I do not modify your body silhouette, change sky colour or correct wrong make-up, hair or ill-fitting / dirty clothes. This kind of editing (like body slimming, objects (trash, people...) removal, hair removal etc.) is not included in the price and can be requested for additional charge. 


Q: Can you edit my photos to look like _____?  Can I get the RAWs or all of the unedited JPEGs?  
A: All the images you'll receive will be edited, high resolution images in JPEG format with no watermarks. I provide you with a very high number of photos: you'll receive all good shots from the session (even if they are very similar). So you do not need any extra "unedited" photos. 


I ask you to look at my previous works. If you like what you see, then you can trust that I will use my expertise and artistic vision to choose and edit the images in a way that is consistent with my style. I invite you to tell me about your preferences, such as whether you prefer candid or posed images, whether you like romantic or playful images, your retouching preferences, etc before or during the photoshoot. I will take your answers into consideration and do my best to accommodate them.


However, if you are looking for a completely different shooting, lighting or editing style, I suggest you seek out a different photographer whose style matches your vision more closely. 


Q: Can you recommend us a videographer, make up artist (MUaH), florist, cake artist etc?
A: Of course, I work with a team of Paris professionals that will make your wedding or photo session experience perfect. Once you book your photo session with me, I will provide you with my preferred vendors list.


Planning your photoshoot in Paris

Q: Timing. When do you recommend taking portraits?
A: I prefer sunrise moments. Sunrise sessions are especially good for the glowing, soft light, few people out, and no security guards who often hassle you at the Eiffel Tower or Louvre area. Generally, we should start between 6 AM and 9 AM, though the recommended start time changes throughout the seasons. However - if the day is not sunny - we can meet later.


Sunset time in Paris is usually pretty crowded, so not all the location will be available. If you can choose your session time in Paris, I would definitely vote for early morning.


Q: Locations. Can you suggest places for us to take pictures?
A: Absolutely! Check this page for some sample images to give you an idea of your options.

The right location(s) for you will depend on a variety of factors, including your personality, as well as the timing and weather for your session. Some places are good for rainy days, night photoshoots or for couples, wearing casual clothing, etc. 


Q: Locations. We would like to shoot / elope in one of the hotels (like Shangri-La) or Chateaux we see on your photos: how is that accessible?


  • You should stay at the hotel to be able to take photos there. It's also important to let them know that you want to take photos as the common areas might not be available due to private events or any other reason. 
  • Each chateau has a very different pricing and rules for the photoshoots, the cheapest would be an outdoors session in the gardens only from 400€, but most of the places require a higher fee over 1000€. I will be happy to provide you with a few options if that's something you are interested in.
  • Please kindly note that I charge a travel fee for the locations outside of Paris.


Q: How do we travel between locations?


  • I usually suggest using Uber or taxi for the locations that are not very close to each other. Please kindly note that Uber accept only credit card registered within your account, no cash payments are available in Paris.
  • I do not recommend renting a car / driving yourself as finding a parking slot can be quite difficult and can take a lot of time out of your session.
  • Private driver starts at 60€ per hour, if you are looking for an extra comfort during the shoot. It might be a good idea if you are having a long (half or full day) photo session and have a lot of voluminous outfits and props to bring with you, that do not fit in a suitcase.
  • Otherwise Paris is made for walking and some locations (except the Eiffel Tower) are just walking distance from each other.

Q: Does travel time in between locations count against my session time?
A: Yes, as I spend this time with you.


Q: Is there anything we should bring for our session?
A: Besides the balance of your session fee, make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes with you for walking between locations. Bring a cell phone so that you can contact me if you get lost or if you’re running late. Bring a comb, blotting tissues and other makeup for touchups if needed.


Please leave your valuable items (like cameras, etc) and passports you don't need during our photoshoot at your hotel/apartment.

Q: Outfits. What should we wear for our session?


  • Even if you are more “jeans and t-shirt”, I suggest you to dress up and wear something more formal or dressy.
  • If you’re recently married, consider bringing your wedding gown and suit.
  • I would advice light pastel coloured dresses, such as light pink, peach, light blue or gold for the light and airy look of your photos. You can also send me your outfits options and I can help you choose.
  • Try to avoid ill-fitting clothes: especially too tight, or too baggy and loose. Take a picture wearing your outfit to be sure it looks good on you. 
  • Bring high hills with you, even if you don't wear them everyday - it will make you look so feminine and Parisian! Ladies, if you choose to wear heels for your session, bring a pair of easy-on-easy-off comfortable shoes that you can slip into as we travel between locations.
  • During winter, layer thick thermal leggings under your dress and consider a warm coat or wrap that will keep you warm and photograph nicely. Don't forget to bring a warm scarf to cover your neck and shoulders during cold days.
  • Try to avoid dark dresses at night to add some light to your photos.
  • Don't forget that you should match with your loved one: if one of you wears cocktail clothes, the other one shouldn't be dressed casually.

Check my blog post "Engagement session style guide"  for more detailed recommendations: here.

Q: Can I change outfits during my session?
A: Yes, within any package, however it is included in your session time, so I recommend to have no more than 1 outfit per hour. Be ready to use different places to change clothes. Usually you change in public restrooms, go in a cafe and have a drink, so that you can use their restroom to change, or change in the streets in some hidden places. 


Q: Do you provide dresses or tuxedos?
A: No. Most of my clients buy/rent gowns at home (as it's quite expensive in Paris and it's not a very popular service here). 


The best wedding and pre-wedding dress rental in Paris is TopBridal

Another option is to rent your evening gown (no wedding dresses rentals available) at Dylan Parienty Paris boutique. The prices start from 500€ for 1 dress rental. 


Some French companies renting dresses:

Suit rental:

Q: Can we share our photoshoot between day and night time?
A: Yes, if you take at least 5 hours photoshoot or if we apply a first hour rate for both sessions.

Q: What happens if it rains? Will we cancel the session?
A: It rains very often in Paris. We can reschedule if I have another date free. However I can promise you to suggest suitable for rainy weather locations and your pictures from Paris won't be spoiled by this weather. By contrast, they will be filled with a special Parisian atmosphere. By the way, in case it rains, I recommend bringing a cute umbrella for your session that you don’t mind getting photos with (I do not provide umbrellas). Avoid wearing silk / silky clothes and long dresses or pants that touch the ground - they will get wet really quickly and it will be the most visible. The rain is also more visible in photos if you wear dark colours.

Q: What happens if we are late? Will you extend the session?
A: Please allow enough time to arrive on the meeting location. You should anticipate the early starting time, your getting-ready/professional make up and hair time, city traffic and uber/taxi availability (your car might take some time to arrive after you order). In case you are late, we will not extend the Paris photo shoot to recover the time lost because of your late arrival.

In any case, make sure to send me a text message or give me a phone call to let me know that you are late. 


Q: Do you have props, umbrellas etc. ?
A: No, I'm more into shooting emotions and capturing feelings. Flowers are the best props according to me. However, you can bring your personal props if you want too.


Q: Where can we get the balloons?

A: You can order balloons at Wow Factory by Kyona Studio (email: They deliver them to the photoshoot location.


Wedding Photobooth

Q: Can you provide Photobooth for our wedding ?
A: Yes, please use this link to reserve it in France: PHOTOBOOTH FOR MY WEDDING for just 299€.