Top Wedding Stationery Designers for your wedding or elopement in Paris

A beautiful invitation arriving in a mailbox is going to bring a big smile to your guests. I wanted to share some of my favourite stationery vendors who would be happy to create paper goods for your wedding day.


Photography TIPs:


Make sure to keep a full invitation suite for the photographer. It should be complete with calligraphy (if applicable) and stamps (but not postmarked). It’s also wise to request multiple copies of each piece so that the photographer could pair a front and a back in the same photo.

If you won’t send the invitation suite to your photographer before he/she arrives at the wedding location, send an iPhone photo in advance so that your photographer can get a feel for the colour palette and prepare accordingly (if you are not working with a wedding planner, who would certainly do it).


Silent Word is a fine art calligraphy & stationery studio located in Orléans in France, founded by calligrapher and designer Delphine. They specialise in destination and fine art weddings and they work with couples from all over the world. Wax seals, handmade paper, and bespoke elements create beautiful heirloom pieces that you'll hold onto for years to come.


Silent Word Studio Website /  Silent Word Studio Instagram


Lettering By GRG is a Boutique Design Studio based in Madrid, Spain, working with the couples from around the world. 

Monica and Philip use their expertise in Digital Design Techniques, Fine-Art, Etiquette and traditional printing techniques to create the dream Wedding Invitations.


They offer bespoke design services for Occasion Stationery – Specializing in Luxury Wedding Stationery Suites and Fine Venue Stationery. Whether you are planning a sophisticated classic or romantic wedding, or your theme is simplicity and understated elegance; they can execute your Wedding Vision by creating a bespoke stationery suite.


The process.


Lettering By GRG designs, prints, assembles and addresses your Wedding Invitation Suites; so all you need to do is stamp and ship. 

Each suite allows customization options for Printing Method, Paper Type, Envelope Color and Ink Color. Lettering By GRG works together with you on the design after you secured your order and they will send you design proofs in PDF. The proofing process includes two rounds of revisions after presenting you our initial draft.


Lettering By GRG Website / Lettering By GRG Instagram

Summer Yang Calligraphy

Summer Yang Calligraphy is based in Paris and creates handwritten, organic and unique designs inspired by beautiful papers, soft neutral palettes and handmade materials. She offers calligraphy services for custom stationery, invitations, menus, illustration, envelope addressing, place and escort cards, monograms and logos. She loves to create memorable and bespoke design for all your special event needs. 


Summer Yang Calligraphy Website / Summer Yang Calligraphy Instagram

Ivy Cousin Designs

Ivy Cousin Designs is a design studio that specializes in custom invitation design and event stationery. Ivy creates wedding invitations that evoke the ambiance of the event and reflect the unique story of the couple. Her mission is to create tangible memories for one of the most precious moments of life. Passionate about beauty in all its forms, she is an expert on trends in the world of weddings. She love materials and colors, and knows how to combine them in order to reveal their true beauty. Her passion for history and art allows her to create an intense universe full of poetry. 

Although the concept and execution of each project varies, Ivy Cousin Designs creative philosophy remains the same. As a studio, their graphic design principles include: elegance, simplicity, attention to detail and the integration of organic elements. Their graphic creations are created with an eye for detail. 

The process of creation.

Ivy Cousin Designs works and develops designs intuitively, and they believe this leads to the best possible creative and artistic direction. They begin each project with a conceptualization phase, exploring a wide variety of options. Then comes the design development phase where they implement the chosen concept. The final phase is transmission, where they provide up to 2 sets of modifications for the final design.


Ivy Cousin Designs Instagram

atelier preszburger

L’Atelier Preszburger is a high-end design and illustration studio with a passion for paper, based in Paris. They combine old world character with modern-age design to produce unique, hand-crafted paper suites for their clients.

Every suite is created from scratch, with high-quality materials and a focus on Illustration, color theory, details and design.

In general, they offer a more graphic and masculin look.


Atelier Preszburger Website / Atelier Preszburger Instagram