Pre-wedding photography session in Paris

Stephani and Riadi decided to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, during their trip to Europe to showcase these pictures during their wedding reception. We chose the most iconic Parisian location – Trocadero, with the Eiffel Tower view. I suggested to shoot in the early morning to enjoy morning empty city and beautiful sun lights. We love the effect of golden light: so romantic and beautifully warm. The sunrise perfectly illuminated Stephani’s golden dress, that made our pictures warm and sunny.  The couple also wanted to capture the golden hour in Paris at sunset photo session and have a night pre-wedding photoshoot. So we met again at the Alexander III bridge and walked to the Louvre area while the night illuminations were turning on.

Stephani and Riadi have known each other for ages – they met in a kindergarten, often playing, eating and learning together.  After graduating from the kindergarten, they went to different elementary schools. Then Stephani went to China for 2 years and a half. Fast forward and when she came back to Makassar, Indonesia she met Riadi again in her school, but at that time there were just friends. After graduating from high school, Riady continued his studies in Surabaya, while Stephani was in Jakarta, but they maintained their friendship with lots of sms, phone calls, myspace, emails…

After graduating from college, Riady moved to Jakarta. Many of their friends started telling them that they were actually a perfect match. They hesitated a lot being afraid that if they would try something more and it would not work out, they could loose their precious friendship. But in the 2011 they made a right choice to start. They’ve seen a lot of joy and sorrow together and ended up by deciding to get married.


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by your Paris photographer - Daria Lorman