Pre-wedding photo-session in Paris

Deidre and Tuan story:

"Our story began in Fall 2011. We met while working at the same tech company, working on the same product, on the same floor in the same area. Deidre actually introduced herself to me first, as a fellow colleague. To be honest, the idea that I might someday marry this beautiful woman didn’t cross my mind. However, after finding out that somehow we have almost everything in common -- sense of humour, games, family values, and an irrational addiction to all things Disney -- we thought it would only be fitting to pursue each other’s hearts. We started dating in April of 2012, and we never once looked back. 


Fast forward 5 years, I asked Deidre a crazy question -- whether she wanted spend the rest of our lives together. I proposed in front of Disneyland Japan’s castle to my surprised, new fiancee. A year after that, we found ourselves in Paris to see Disneyland Paris and to take our engagement photoshoot with Daria.


We chose Paris because we loved New Orleans Square in Disneyland and also the city of New Orleans in Louisiana. It only made sense to visit the famous city that influenced those places. Paris was everything we thought it would be and more. Quaint sceneries and breathtaking buildings that still didn’t seem real, even when we were standing in front of it. We wanted to encompass all the beauty that Paris had to offer in our photos and we thought that Daris was the perfect person for that. 


I wasn’t great with getting my picture taken (Deidre was much more experienced than I). But Daria had great attention to detail and always knew what to fix to make a great photo. I explained that I need lots of instructions that Daria definitely delivered. Her instructions were simple and effective and she created a very comfortable atmosphere from the moment we met. This allowed us to concentrated on each other in the moment, rather than feeling nervous in front of a photographer. 


If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change anything. The last six years have been perfect. We learned a lot about each other but more importantly, being with each other has taught us a lot about ourselves. Hope this helps in understanding a bit more about ourselves. We’re still at the beginning of our journey with each other but I don’t think there’s anyone else that I’d rather travel this road with."


For their Paris photoshoot Deidre and Tuan have chosen the iconic Eiffel tower as well as Luxembourg gardens.