Best surprise proposal in Paris

This lucky couple came to Paris from Naples in Italy. Alessandro shared with me their romantic love story and described the proposal moment:


"I met Veronica for the first time at a friend’s house in 2012. We liked each other immediately and wanted to spend more time together right away, so I decided to accompany her back to her house at the end of the day. However, we never got to her house! We spent the whole night talking and discovering each other until we kissed for the first time.


I decided to propose to Veronica in Paris. Paris was the city of our first trip together as a couple back in 2013! It was the journey that consecrated our love 5 years ago. For this reason, I decided to bring her back in front of the Eiffel tower, and kneeling with a diamond I asked her: “You are the woman who changed my life, and I can no longer live without you, our love knows no obstacles or boundaries … I convince myself more and more that you are the woman of my life, my soul mate … Do you want to marry me? ” With so many emotions she told me “Yes, I want it!”. We were so excited and we even cried tears of joy. I thank our photographer – Daria Lorman – for having immortalized to perfection our beautiful moment of love and our emotions."


I was very honoured to shoot such an intense and important moment as Paris surprise proposal. We were very lucky on that day. We managed to catch the last days of blooming sakura trees in Paris, so that was the best timing to propose. We also got filmed by French national TV channel (France 3) and saw our interview in 7 pm news, which was an unexpected but very pleasant experience. So Alessandro and Veronica could share the big news with everyone same evening.


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Extract from 7pm Ile de France News by France 3 with Daria Lorman photography

by your Paris photographer - Daria Lorman