My First YouTube Interview with Château Bouffémont

Top Wedding Photography Tips - YouTube Interview of Daria Lorman Photography with Château Bouffémont

During the Covid-19 lockdown I had an honour to be asked by one of my favourite wedding venues in France - Château Bouffémont - whether I could like to be interviewed on Instagram LIVE for their Youtube channel.


"This week’s guest, for our Let’s Talk Weddings series, was the highly talented Paris-based wedding and engagements photographer Daria Lorman. With her extensive experience and timeless style of photography, Daria gets our attention by saying: LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED! Daria shares great insights on how to cope with the wedding planning in this uncertain climate and encourages our viewers to be proactive. Lastly, she gives loads of top tips for brides and grooms to use for their wedding photography. You can read more on the interview on our blog: link "


Daria: "... My photos are romantic, light and airy. My editing style is very soft. I do not edit in a very contracted manner. My main objective is to create timeless, elegant and romantic photography. Romantic means showing the love between people and making sure they look beautiful on pictures. I love capturing moments as they happen (in reportage style) but I also love to guide my couple a little bit and help them look gorgeous. No ugly laughs as most of the brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day and feel pretty when they'll look at their bridal portraits.
In terms of editing, staying in this kind of soft and natural colours will make the pictures timeless because when people will look at them in 10 years, they will still be relevant and not influenced by crazy filters.
I want to immortalize the beauty of the people, the happiness of the moment in the most timeless manner possible..."


- see more on the YouTube video above