Favorite tools and resources of the photographer in Paris - Daria Lorman

Lately I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of weddings and edits that go hand in hand with it. I was spending hours trying to select the images through Lightroom, which takes minutes to load every single image. I discovered Narrative Select and OMG!, I can't believe I didn't know about this culling tool earlier in my career. It is such an incredible time saver! Narrative Select is the latest AI-powered image culling tool. 


First of all, it loads a thousand images folder within seconds and you can go through all the images that look sharp and instantly rate them without loosing any time waiting for the photos to load. 


Secondly, AI assessment helps you power through a series of similar images and make this tool even more powerful. Every photo gets an assessment that indicates eye closure and facial focus. It also has different zoom options: close-ups panel and dynamic zoom. Close-ups panel will line up all the faces in your image in a grid. This is life-saver for cycling through group shots! You can see all the faces zoomed in, with an indication of in focus percentage for each face, as well as the eye opening status. I've never seen anything similar before. 


An extra bonus is that Select is optimised to work with Lightroom CC and Classic. You can ship your selects straight into Lightroom for editing in two clicks.


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I'm also very excited about the upcoming launch of batch.ai, an AI-powered Adobe LR plugin for automating the color correction! This plugin will help us have 1000 photos edited precisely in 30mins for as little as around $100/month to color correct all the galleries. It will provide an improved quality without the human fatigue and time spent. The way it works is that it copies your anchor images edits to the set of images, while making all the required adjustments to them too.


If you sign up using my FULL name (DARIA LORMAN) as a referral you will receive an early access opportunity with the soft launch.

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