Casual winter family session in Paris

Family pictures always feel so special to me: these happy smiles and brother’s unconditional love for his sister, sweet hugs and simple but authentic moments are captured just before the covid_19 lockdown. 

Lauryn and her family are the sweetest and I will be forever grateful for their kind souls and for choosing me to be their family photographer in Paris.


From Lauryn: “Daria, The photos are SOOOOOOOO wonderful! We were a wreck that day. No one was wearing the outfit I pre-planned. I didn't have my makeup or my hair curler. We were all cold and the kids were not cooperative but goodness you got a lot of great shots! We absolutely love them! Looking at them makes me so so happy!


AHHH! I love them so much. I wish I could send you even more but we've sent you a little something. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please be our photographer every time we visit Paris!