Beautiful red dress engagement in Paris

Clari and Andrew's Love story: "We met actually in middle school but he was shorter than me because he hadn't fully reached puberty and so I did not really notice him. He was just another classmate, but nerdy and smart. It wasn't until senior year of high school that he started catching my eye. He asked me out privately in one of our high school back stages with the line, "I don't like you. I really like you. Will you go out with me?" We were 17 years old during that time. We went to prom together and have been together ever since.


Paris has always been a dream city of mine to visit one day. I actually took a cumulative 7 years of French (middle school through college) because the language was so beautiful and I loved it. I love the feeling of Paris, the music, and what it presents - the city of love. 

I absolutely loved our photoshoot. It was fun and something that I have never done before! Daria, as the photographer, was very understanding and gave a lot of guidance to us as this is our first photoshoot ever. Was definitely an experience to remember! Daria is pure magic! I was instantly impressed by her work. This was my very first time taking professional pictures. She was very sweet, kind, efficient, and made me feel incredibly comfortable. It was cold and windy but she calmed my nerves and guided me throughout the entire session. She really cares about getting amazing photos and with as many different poses/backgrounds as possible to cater to your tastes. I had no idea that our photos would turn out as amazing as they did. She responds very quickly, knows exactly what she is doing, and does it so well. A true professional. Would highly recommend her to anyone wanted to take some beautiful photos!"


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by your photographer in Paris - Daria Lorman