50 years together photoshoot at Etretat

Nicolas and Eugenie is all the proof you need that eternal love exists. They’ve spend more than 50 years together and they still look into each other’s eyes with so much tenderness and admiration. Fortunately, their daughter and grandchildren offered them a romantic trip to France and a special photo shoot to celebrate 54 years of love and 52 years of marriage. Read the full story below or at Burnetts Boards

I was always dreaming to shoot in Etretat, Normandy, located in the North of France, and it was such a blessing to have this very special couple here. The beach surrounded by cliffs and natural arches inspired many poets and artists, like Claude Monet. It’s a fantastic scenery completely different from anywhere else. Moreover, the ocean is the most beautiful decoration we can imagine.


We walked on the top of the cliffs and went down to the beach. Nicolas and Eugenie told me their love story and many funny memories from their life. I was especially touched to see that Nicolas always carries with him Eugenie’s photo, that she gave to him in 1962!


From Nicolas –  “I still remember that autumn evening of 1962 when I met her like it was yesterday. I was studying at the Daugavpils Aviation Engineering Military High School in Latvia. That evening it was my turn to meet guests at the entrance of our school Ball. When I saw her approaching the entrance with another girl, I immediately felt in love! It was like an electroshock! I asked a friend of mine to replace me at the entrance and run to invite her to dance. Luckily, she accepted.


She was such a clever girl: she kept me waiting for long minutes at our first dates, eating a croissant in a nearby cafe and looking at me waiting for her to come.


I think the secret of a happy marriage is to listen to each other and never go to sleep on an argument. Most often you just need to listen to your wife without answering and arguing – she will calm down herself.”


From Eugenie – “We got married in 1964. The wedding was so much fun! Although it was not easy when we arrived to the registry office and they refused to marry us immediately, asking to come back in 2 months. Nicolas had to leave to perform the military service, so we managed to arrange the wedding sooner. Everyone still tells us that our wedding was the best they’ve ever been to. Our friend’s jazz band played the music and everyone was dancing for three days!


I followed Nicolas everywhere: from Latvia to Kazakhstan, from Kazakhstan to Russia… We had to travel a lot during our life because of Nicolas’s military career. And even if it was very difficult not to know where we’ll be tomorrow and always be ready to pack everything in 24 hours and move to another city or country, I’ve never regretted marrying this man and spending my whole life with him.


I would say that you should respect each other to succeed in marriage. You should be ready to share everything with each other. Nicolas always divides everything into two parts: half of an apple for me, half of an apple for him. He always protects me and I feel secure with him. In exchange I’ve tried to make our home a place, where he would love to come back.”


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