Top Tips To Prepare For Your Photoshoot

How to prepare for your Paris photo session?

You booked a photosession with your Paris photographer - Daria Lorman? Congratulations!

This page is where you’ll find all the information you need to prepare before you arrive to Paris. The quality of your experience is related to the amount of time, love and care you put into your preparations. And I'm always at your disposal to help you if you need any guidance in your outfit choices or anything else.

#1 Choose your outfits


Check this blog post: "What to wear for your Paris photo session?"


Make sure to take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit you've chosen to see how it looks on you. This can help you to avoid any disappointment having a too tight/close-fitting dress that is not flattering for your body shape or a too plunging neckline, showing too much.


#2 Get inspired


Go through my website or Instagram account and save the pictures you love to your phone (there’s a bookmark feature to accomplish this).


#3 Make your nails done


The beauty is in the details!


#4 Use hydrating body cream/lotion + shave


Your skin will thank you for this! And your legs and hands will look much better on pictures.


#5 Pack your photoshoot outfits separately from your other luggage


Pack your outfits including lingerie, shoes and accessories all together and separately from your other belongings. This will limit the risk of missing the right bra or that small hair pin, you bought especially for the shoot, on the photo session day.


On the day of your Paris photo shoot


#1 Pack lightly, leave valuables at your hotel


Pack lightly and consider leaving precious items back at your hotel so you can focus on connecting with your partner, and not worry about your belongings.


#2 Double check your outfits, accessories and props


#3 Bring flat shoes and something warm to put on quickly if the weather is cold


#4 Feel free to bring along your Pinterest inspiration board on your mobile device 




#1 No Tan products


Please do not use any spray/cream tan products - it makes your skin look older and it's extremely hard to get it right yourself without having orange or irregular skin tones on your feet and hands.


#2 Try to avoid alcohol on the night before


#3 Don't plan late night activities on the day before (like Moulin Rouge or Disneyland) 


You will most probably get home after midnight and it will be hard to wake up early and look fresh during your photo session in Paris. So try to rest early or during the day.