Vow renewal in Trodos mountains


I’ve always thought a vow renewal was so incredibly romantic. What happens when a wedding photographer and her husband who doubles as her assistant decide to do their vow renewal in Cyprus? As it turns out, we end up with a unique take on the traditional ceremony photos, as Daria - a wedding photographer from Moscow - and her husband Vladimir asked Paris Happy Pictures by Daria Lorman to photograph their wedding vow renewal in the Troodos Mountains, they show us their personal vantage point while celebrating their renewal of wedding vows. Daria says, “We wanted to keep it simple. The inspiration of the whole shooting comes from the nature: mountains, leaves, rocks, conelets, rustic flowers.” Simple for sure!

Daria and Vladimir limited their guest list to ZERO in their second wedding and used nature as their venue. It appears as though they simply started hiking through the mountains and stopped mid-stride to share their handwritten vows. No seating, no arch, no candles or décor – simply the surroundings they found themselves in.


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