Indonesian prewedding in Paris for M&E on a rainy day


Pre-Wedding Shoots in Paris

We can take photos of you in your wedding gown months before your wedding day, or afterwards during your Paris honeymoon. Mario and Erika had their pre-wedding in Paris during their trip to Europe as they had a Paris-themed wedding in Indonesia.


What if it rains? - that's a question every photographer gets. Shooting under the rain is challenging for both: me and my clients. What to do if it rains during your engagement or pre-wedding shoot? Just embrace it and stop worrying about the result! Your photographer in Paris can do some magic and if you feel happy and relaxed during the photoshoot, the pictures will turn right! I just love this couple for their courage and right spirit! They rocked the session despite the rain and took the best out of their time in Paris! 


Rainy day also means that you can find reflections on wet surfaces that allow us to create some unique paris pictures, like the last photo of this post.


From Erika: "Years ago when I was a teenager, I had a dream to go to some place, far away with someone I loved and make our adventure together. As I grew up, I realized that it is not that simple.
One day, I randomly told Mario about how I wished my teenage dream come true. He asked: Where do you want to go? And I briskly said: Europe maybe? I knew he would just laugh and it never gonna be happened, but he said instead: We can beib, all we need is a commitment to put our effort bigger. And on that day, my teenage dream came true. We had not only travelled to Europe but had our pre-wedding in Paris."


Make-up and Hair by Jesi Ayu

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- by your pre-wedding photographer in Paris - Daria Lorman