Anniversary session in Paris

LOVE: wedding anniversary photos in Paris

"February 10th, 2014. The day I said I do forever. The day that made a commitment to unity. To fight for peace everyday. To ensure a solid foundation. Just him and I. At age 22, I was turned down by 14 medical schools, underpaid and struggling with purpose. My destiny was interjected with a person that didn’t see me in that moment, but believed in my potential. Overlooked my flaws and wouldn’t let me go when I felt lost without direction. He saw me through my transition from childhood to adulthood. We built on something that was strictly love. No bells, no whistles... just love.

At 5 years of marriage we were able to reflect on how much our love and faith catapulted us into accomplishing more than we could ever imagine together so we decided to invest in ourselves and take an international trip that would forever expand our minds. Our perspective was shifted.

One of my dreams was to have professional photos because we never had a wedding. We did not have any professional photos and I knew this was the time. I began researching Paris photo shoots and I found an amazing instagram @photographerinparis . Daria made our dreams come true by capturing our love in a sincere way. The photos are an expression of a deeper connection and we will cherish them forever! "